Saturday, December 5, 2009

A partner in crime

I am blessed to have good friends. I have friends that I've known since elementary school, ones I met at my first job or in college and those that I've met through my husband, kids, school, etc. We all have busy lives, so we may not talk or get together regularly, but I always know they are there if I need them. Many of my friends are Type A personalities (I wonder why????)- strong women who you can call in a crisis and they will have the "forces" mobilized and ready to do whatever you need done as soon as you hang up the phone. I am lucky to have one of these friends as a neighbor. Without knowing it, she is quickly becoming my role model for staying fit and leading a healthy life. I'm not sure exactly how old she is, but my guess is 10-12 years older than I am (I'm 38). Her age doesn't really matter because she looks great no matter how old she is! She exercises daily and eats well and it shows.

I have coffee one morning a week with a group of ladies that I met through the PTO and she is in this group. She has recently had circumstances that made it impossible for her to exercise for a few weeks. She mentioned at coffee a couple weeks ago that she was looking forward to getting back to her exercise routine. I told her that I was trying to walk in the mornings as well and said (as I was walking out the door of the restaurant) "If you want to walk with me some morning, give me a call." Well guess who called me the next morning at 6:45 ready to walk? :)

Right now, I am sometimes struggling to find the motivation to exercise like I know I need to, but she is making it so much easier! It's hard to blow off the 7:00am walk when you know someone is waiting for you a few houses down the street! This morning, when the alarm went off at 7:15 (we decided to "sleep in" since it is Saturday) and I didn't really want to get out of my warm bed to go outside in the 30 degree weather, she was a big part of why I did it. Walking with someone also makes the time go so fast! We talked and talked and before I knew it, we had walked for an hour and I felt great!

Walking with a friend is something that is really working for me right now, so I am thankful that I found a "partner in crime" just 2 houses down from me! She may never read this, but in case she does- THANK YOU ANN!


  1. Welcome to the weight loss, getting fit, etc. blogworld! And congrats on the start of your journey.

    Just came across your site... How wonderful to have an exercise partner to get you going. I know that would be a tremendous help for me, especially on those days (& there are waaay too many of those) when I have no motivation to exercise; BUT, that will not be an excuse for me to stay sitting on my tush when I should be on my treadmill (we have a love/hate relationship). Again, congrats and I look forward to reading about your progress.

  2. What a wonderful blessing to have someone to walk and "socialize" with.