Friday, December 18, 2009

Counting calories

So I'm doing pretty well with exercising. I'm doing at least one 30 minute walk every day and trying to add another walk/video most days. The one thing I have no idea about is how to figure out how many calories are in something that is homemade. I made chicken soup yesterday, but I have no idea how many calories are in a serving. I know some of you are great at keeping track of all of your calories, so I'm looking for some help from you. Is there a website or some other source you use to figure that out? Thanks in advance for your help!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'll fill you in on a little secret: when you prepare something like soup and stay in control with what goes into it, then there's really not much concern about calories. Suffice it to say that it's when you eat out when you lose control over what you're putting in your mouth.

  2. This is what I do: I figure out the calorie content of the items that I'm putting in the soup. So, I weigh the chicken, weigh the noodles when they're dry. Once I know the total caloric content...after the soup is made I will put it by cupfuls into another bowl. Once I know how many cups it yielded and the total calorie content, the rest is easy.

    That's how I do soup. It sounds like a pain in the butt, but once you know it...when you make it can eat it and know what you're eating. I tend to repeat soups throughout the winter. I will also do the same thing with other dishes.

    Hope this helps. Have a nice night.

  3. & both have a way to do this! I had the same issue & they have both helped me! you go to their recipe section & enter a new recipe... & it will tell you how many calories are in a serving. It figures it out for you after you put in the ingredients! Check it out & let me know if you have any problems!

    My only problem is when someone ELSE cooks it! What to do!?

  4. I used and it helped me lose 30 lbs! Its easy and is like a facebook for a healthy/weightloss lifestyle