Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting my butt moving - finding an exercise routine to stick to

It's been 6 weeks since I made the decision to make some changes and lose some weight. The first 10 pounds came off pretty easily in about 4 weeks. I guess going from absolutely no exercise to some exercise and picking up an apple instead of a cookie (OK, who am I kidding? Let's try picking up an apple instead of 3 or 4 cookies-LOL) made a difference. But now it's going to get harder. I know that I'm never going to reach my goal if I can't find a workout plan that I can do consistantly. I am never going to be a person who can eat boiled chicken breast and steamed veggies for dinner every day, so for me, exercise is going to be the key to my weight loss.

I am struggling to find something that is challenging enough but that I can do every day (well at least 5 or 6 days a week). For the past couple of weeks, I've walked for 30 minutes in the morning in between when my oldest son leaves for school and it's time to wake the youngest one up. That seems to be working for me, but I need a little more. I thought I might add a short exercise video to the days when I only walk for 30 minutes, but I'm finding it hard to make the time for it. I've thought about taking classes at the gym, but that has been ever harder to make time for. I tell my kids all the time that you have to make choices in life and prioritize what is important. I guess that it's time to listen to my own advice and make exercising a priority in order to reach my goals.


  1. Most of us with busy, busy lives have a lot of trouble making ourselves be a top priority, but I encourage you to bump yourself up on your To-Do list. When you start seeing the benefits of a little extra exercise (especially the burst of energy it provides), I think you'll find it's well worth the sacrifices you and those around you may have to make.

    Good luck on this journey, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a note yesterday.

  2. It is hard, believe me! I usually go to the gym when my husband gets home - I have dinner all ready, and I leave while he had dinner with the kids. I'm back in time to help put them to bed, then I take a shower and eat my dinner.
    Yeah, it's late, it's not the ideal scenario, but it's what works for us right now.
    You gotta do what you gotta do, right? You'll find a way to fit it in, and after a while it will become part of your famiy's routine.

  3. For me, getting in exercise is about always looking for ways to squeeze it in. I'm at home with four kids and go for a run outside during lunch when my husband comes home for lunch, Then, later at night if I need to get in a weight lifting work-out, I'll wait till my husband or 14 year old daughter or the kids are in bed to get to the gym.

    Another thing with going to the gym is to remember that it takes a few weeks to break into a new habit. So, it's good to not allow yourself to think too much about it and let your mind talk yourself out of going. Just do it.

    Thanks for you comment!