Monday, December 28, 2009

Do I have to weigh in today??? LOL!

I had a great Christmas! To be honest, I had several great Christmases! We celebrated with different family members Thursday, Friday and all day yesterday. The kids had lots of fun (so did the adults-LOL) and we enjoyed good food and great company.

I have to admit that I did enjoy a little too much of the good food and though I ate plenty of veggies (when they were offered), I also indulged in lots of goodies. I did manage to get some exercise every day (even Christmas Day I managed to do a 30 minute walk) and I had a great walk (4 miles) with a friend on Saturday. I was not looking forward to my weigh in this morning, but I figured that I might as well get it over with and see just how much damage I'd done in the past week.

Drum roll, please.....I gained half a pound. I probably shouldn't be, but I'm OK with that. Of course, when I add that to the 4 pounds that my new scale has added, I'm even further away from my goal, but instead of feeling discouraged, I'm feeling motivated. I'm ready to really work hard this week and get those numbers going back in the right direction.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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