Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today is going to be a challenge

Snow, snow, snow. UGH! We got a lot of snow yesterday. School got out early, hockey was cancelled last night and most people just stayed in and watched it fall (and fall and fall and fall!!!). My son's hockey team is supposed to have a team dinner tonight. I am in charge of bringing the sweets. I'm baking a cake and some cookies to take. So here is my dilemma - it's possible that our hockey game for tonight will be cancelled. The team we are playing is from a more rural area than we are and they are currently under a snow advisory (don't drive unless you absolutely have to). However, the game isn't until much later tonight, so it's possible that the advisory will be lifted and the game will proceed as planned. If the game is cancelled, the team dinner will probably be cancelled as well and then you know what I'll have? A cake and a bunch of cookies in my house. I don't need that right now! Not on a day when I can't get to the gym and workout. Not on a day when I really can't even get out and walk (we have over a foot of snow and lots of people in my neighborhood don't shovel sidewalks). Not when I'm trying so hard to reach my goal. Saying that seems kind of silly. Like I'm not capable of having those things in the house without eating them. I know that's not the case. I've been really good about not snacking (especially on sweets and other "junk" even when I have it in the house), but I'm worried that being cooped up in the house will make it harder. I'm worried that one cold, snowy weekend will undo the great week I'm having. I've been at this for over 3 months now. Shouldn't I have more will power? Shouldn't I feel more in control? Of course, emotional eating is probably how I got overweight in the first place, right? Eating when I was bored or upset or celebrating instead of eating when I was hungry is how I got there. Maybe I can keep myself busy cleaning or doing other things and this won't be as big of an issue as I think it will be. If you read this, send me your good thoughts. I'm probably going to need them. :)


  1. O.k.- I ready your post and at first couldn't think of a good reply because I thought, "Oh no, she's doomed" LOL! Then I asked myself "Hmmmm..what would I do." I know what I would want to do. I'd want to throw it all out!! But of course that's not realistic.

    So here's the ONLY realistic thing that would work for me (other than throwing it all out). REady? Drum Roll Please.....

    Keep yourself full with "real" food and you'll be cutting the powers of temptation.

    This along with what you wrote "keeping yourself out the kitchen with chores, etc." is going to be your best defense. And your right, it may not be as big of an issue-but I think you're wise to prepare.

    Let me know!!

  2. And dont forget to drink WATER. Maybe ask hubby to hide them if things get really bad.