Thursday, February 11, 2010

No gym for you!

Remember the Soup Nazi? NO SOUP FOR YOU! That's how I felt today every time I tried to figure out how to make time to get to the gym. It was like my day planner was screaming "NO GYM FOR YOU!". Today was just one of those days. My schedule was packed full from the time I got up at 6:00am until I just got home a little after 9:00pm. Luckily I did manage to get a 35 minute walk in this morning in between getting my oldest off to school and waking my youngest up to get ready for school.

That little break in my morning has become my safety net. I try to use it every morning to walk. Besides getting my body "going" for the day. It's nice to know that even if my schedule gets crazy once I get my youngest off to school and I can't get to the gym, I've done a little exercise for the day. My kids are out of school tomorrow, so I've decided that no matter how much I have to do tomorrow (and my list is getting longer by the minute), I am going to workout in the morning. I am probably going to have to get up early to do it, but I know I will feel great afterwards. My goal date is rapidly approaching and it's crunch time (hmm, maybe I should take that literally and start paying some extra attention to my abs-haha). 3 days left until my next weigh in and on Monday I want to be able to say I'm less than 10 pounds from my goal. I'm hoping 3 killer workouts this weekend will help get me there.

On another note, I am thinking of trying some classes at the Y. I know that changing up my workout should help push my through the plateau I'm in (I've been bouncing around this same weight for 4 weeks now). I'd love to hear what kind of things you guys have done to shake up your workouts. Has anyone tried pilates? Yoga? What did you think? I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Have a great night!


  1. Haha the soup nazi. My husband always says "no soup for you!" to matter what it is in reference to...LOL

    You are so close! Way to stay strong right now when I know it could be so easy to just say "what the hey!" and give up. You're awesome!

  2. I am doing P90X and love it because I can do it at my time. My kids either watch my hubby and I or they join in.

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