Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time for a new challenge

I feel like losing weight is a like puzzle. There are all of these pieces (exercise, eating well, drinking water, getting enough rest, etc.) and each piece plays a part in creating the overall picture. Some of us are better at some pieces than others. For the past couple of months, my strength has been the exercise "piece". I do it almost every day. I've increased the intensity, increased the time, added weights and thrown in different types of cardio to keep it interesting and keep me moving towards my goals. The eating well comes and goes and I am not so great about the water and getting enough rest.

The weather is really testing my resolve to exercise right now. We got a foot of snow Friday & Saturday which is a lot for this area. That meant no walking and I couldn't even get to the gym. By Sunday the roads were getting better, but the Y doesn't open until 11:00am on Sunday and by then I was already into my day and couldn't take the time to get over there. Yesterday I had a ton to do for work and because we are supposed to get another 5-10 inches today and tomorrow with high winds (which may mean power outages), I had to make sure we were stocked up on all of the necessities. I did manage to pop in an exercise DVD yesterday, so I did do something, but I need some new motivation to get me through the next few days. So I've decided to try a new challenge.

I did a 30 day exercise challenge in November/December and it worked great. Doing that really got me in the habit of exercising daily and finding a way to fit it into my schedule. I'm on the home stretch now (11-12 pounds to go before I hit my first goal weight) and I need to kick myself in the butt to make sure I cross that finish line. Yesterday was Day 1, so I'm going to try and exercise every day at least 30 minutes until March 10th. I'll keep you updated.

I hope you all have a great day. I've got to go find a DVD to do. :)


  1. I hear ya. It's so important to have some kind of goal at this time of year because the weather is stinky and it's cold and it's the middle of winter. I personally think this is when the winter "feels" like it's taking forever.

    A 30 day goal is perfect. Not too far away and short enough to make you feel like you can do it. You'll be happy you stuck it out come spring and you weigh 12 pounds less.

    It's snowing here too. A bunch of schools are closed and delayed. Have a good day!

  2. Sounds like an awesome challenge, and you KNOW you can do it, so its even better!

  3. Sounds like a good challenge to me and one that is completely manageable. I always have to remind myself that 30 minutes really isn't as long as I think it is!

  4. Very observant-"many pieces to the weight loss puzzle and some are better at certain pieces than others". I like that.

    My money's on you in the challenge! You go girl:)