Friday, February 12, 2010

How did I not notice this?

I track my weight loss progress on a spreadsheet. Every week I enter my weight and measurements (on the weeks that I take them) and I have the last column set up to calculate the difference between my first entry and my last one. So how did I miss the fact that I am in a serious plateau? My last 5 weigh ins have been nearly the same number. January 11th was the last week that I really lost anything. Since then I was + .5, -1, +1.5, -2. So in 4 weeks I have lost a net of 1 pound. I didn't even realize that until yesterday. For goodness sake, I track this all on a spreadsheet so that I DON'T miss things like that. Where has my head been?

So I guess it really is time to shake things up. I am a morning exerciser. If I don't do it in the morning, the chances of my doing it go down drastically. Plus, I like to work out and shower and then be ready for the day. I don't want to exercise after I've already gotten ready for the day because I don't want to wash my hair twice in 1 day (curly hair, washing twice in 1 day is not a good thing for me). However, I am considering working out in the evening for a while just to shake things up.

I think for this weekend I am really going to focus on my water intake which is never as high as it should be. Then starting Monday I will change my workouts to include some classes (maybe step or pilates) for something different. I'm going to give that a week and see what happens. If that doesn't work I may have to think about exercising at night.

Do you ever feel like you are trying to "trick" your body? That's how I feel right now. Like it's not cooperating with me and so I've got to do something sneaky to get it going again. UGH!

On a positive note, I did make it to the gym today and I got to do my first workout with the new exercises my torturer (oops, I mean trainer ) gave me last week. Only 4 more to go and he will add more pain (oops, I mean intensity). Woo hoo. Can't wait for that. :)


  1. Switching it up or changing your intensity will shake that plateau. Good thing you noticed it. Maybe even add a 15 minute session of abs (core ball would help you thanks for entering the giveaway) in the evening.

  2. No, not the plateau! My new diet plan shook me out of a seven to eight week plateau. But, that's pretty I would maybe try eating six small meals a day and perhaps doing what Jen suggested and changing your intensity.

    Good luck!

  3. Remember, in the 4 wks that you lost the one pound, you've been exercise and treating your body right. That's so important. You've been (over-all) consistant in your walking and exercise.

    I think you deserve a THUMBS UP! P.S: Not drinking water DOES show on the scale! It's crazy that the way to get rid of "water weight" is to drink water:LOL!

    Have a great Saturday and I'm glad you can still wear your boots!!

  4. Are you doing your measurements as well? Because you'll probably see you've lost a bunch of inches! The scale doesn't tell the whole story especially when you're working out a lot.