Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, so close!

UGH! I really, really wanted my weigh in today to be a milestone. I really wanted to be 10 pounds or less away from my goal. So what does Sybil (my scale) do to me today? She smiled as I stepped on. She giggled while I waited for the number and then....SHE CACKLED LIKE THE WITCH THAT SHE IS!

I needed to lose 1.5 pounds to be 10 pounds away from my goal weight and I lost 1. That puts me 10.5 pounds away from my goal. So close and yet so far. HA! HA! Oh well. I did a pretty good job over the weekend with drinking water and I am really going to make an effort to keep it up this week. I need to shake up my exercise and I'm going to work on that this week too. So let's see if by next Monday, I can reach that goal. I certainly hope I can. :)


  1. Sybil's not a witch.

    She's a "rhymes-with-witch."


    Kudos on the loss anyway.

  2. Don't take it out on Sybil... you will get there... but great job!

    You can do it.

  3. LOVED your description of Sybil and the little witch character to enhance it.

    I hate it when we're that close...but yes, congrats on at least the one pound loss.

  4. Stupid Sybil! Maybe she'll be overly generous next week and you'll blow that milestone out of the water!

  5. Too funny! Love the dancing witch!

    You'll get there:)

  6. AGHHHH I so relate. My scale decided to not give me what I wanted today (to be in the 170's) Oh curse you, you possessed piece of plastic and metal that holds the key to my emotions!

    Ok, a bit dramatic. But you get my drift.

  7. Hey, wanted to thank you for the vote of confidence on my food slip-up. I do believe my relationship with food is improving.

  8. love Sybil, think she has a sister that lives at my house :)