Thursday, January 21, 2010

Uh oh, more collateral damage

So the first collateral damage from my weight loss was my boobs. I've written a couple of posts about this because seriously, they are just gone. If I lose any more weight in my chest, I will have to start shopping for bras in the pre-teen department. Oh who am I kidding? If I lose any more weight in my chest, I won't need a bra at all. :) Now I've discovered more collateral damage, but first a little background story.

Have I mentioned on here that I have a wonderful husband? We've been together for over 19 years, married for almost 17 years and I'm still just crazy about him. He makes me laugh, he's a good friend and a great father. He is very thoughtful and I am thankful for him every day. Anyway, a few years ago, I wanted a pair of knee high boots. I have always had big (muscular, curvy, whatever you want to call them) legs and I could not find a pair that I liked that would zip up over my calves. I spent hours going from store to store and had no luck. He even went to a few places that I wouldn't have gone (I am cheap and he isn't-LOL) to look. He brought home a pair that the salesperson assured him would fit a big calf. Guess what? It didn't fit. One day I was watching Oprah and she was wearing exactly what I was looking for. I turned to him and said "Seriously, I know I'm overweight, but Oprah can find boots to fit her legs and I can't? There is something wrong here." He just looked at me and said "Honey, I'm pretty sure Oprah can have boots custom made to fit whatever she wants."

Fast forward a couple of months to Christmas and guess what he gave me? Custom made boots! He went online and found someone in France that makes them and he measured me (he measured everything so I had no idea what he was up to) and had them made for me. Is that the sweetest thing you ever heard??? Obviously, they fit perfectly and I absolutely love them! I put them on the other day and they are a little loose around the calf now. Uh oh! I was pretty happy about needing to get some of my clothes taken in (The last time I needed to have something taken in was my wedding dress!), but I hadn't even thought about my boots being loose. Oh well, I don't care. I am going to wear them anyway.

Here is a picture of my favorite boots ever. :)


  1. Wow, what a great husband you have! My hubby wouldn't even THINK that they could be custom made, lol. And I have the SAME problem - big calves that don't fit into any boots...
    Maybe the guy in france can take your boots in for you...

  2. That is the coolest thing. I have those same type of legs and would love to have boots!! I'm going to check that out :)

  3. Those boots are beautiful!! I love how they look. What a thoughtful husband you have. I'm thinking I need to pick up a pair of boots like that.