Monday, January 18, 2010


Well today is weigh in day and Sybil (my scale) did not give me good news. I have gained half a pound since last week. That isn't totally surprising. I spent the weekend at a hockey tournament out of town and even though I did manage to exercise each day, my eating was not good. I find it so hard to eat well when I'm in a hurry, having to eat out and trying to make sure my son eats enough to give him the energy he's going to need for a hockey game. Then when we got home yesterday, I was starving all night and could not stop snacking. UGH!

My birthday is just under 7 weeks away. I would really love to give myself a present by hitting my goal weight for my birthday, which means losing 13 more pounds. I'm not sure if that is attainable or not because I know those last 10 pounds will be the hardest to get off, but it's what I'm shooting for right now. I've been thinking about what I'm doing well and what I need to improve and I came up with this list.

What I do well -
1. Exercise. I have typically been doing some kind of exercise 5-7 days each week
2. Not snacking. Until last night, I had been pretty good about not grabbing snacks when I'm not actually hungry (you know like when your bored or whatever)

What I need to improve -
1. Water intake. I drink water, but I don't drink enough. I drink coffee (half caffeine) all day long. I need to drink less coffee and more water.
2. Tracking calories. I really don't do this at all. I have just been trying to make healthier choices, but sometimes what I think is healthy probably isn't. I need to do a better job of paying attention to that.
3. Increasing the intensity of my workouts. Most days my exercise is still just walking. It's doing the job, but if I want to kick off those last 13 pounds, I'm going to have to rev it up a bit. This week my goal is to get to the gym 3 days (the days that I don't walk) and really kick butt on the elliptical and with the weights.

Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it. :)


  1. Ah, a 1/2 pound ain't nuthin! You can do it - track those calories, you'll see a big loss next week!

  2. Ifyou excel in NOT snacking most of the time, that is huge. That is usually my problem.

    I'm with Jen, that weight will be gone in no time.