Friday, January 22, 2010

Finish strong

I have had a weird week. I've been really good with the exercise - Monday - 50 minute walk, Tuesday - 30 minute walk plus 60 minute workout at the Y, Wednesday - 30 minute walk, Thursday - 30 minute walk plus 60 minute workout at the Y, Today - 45 minutes on the elliptical. But my eating has been bad. I ate out Tuesday for my son's 16th birthday and of course I made cake & had a piece (I haven't had a piece since then though) and I've been hungry all the time this week so I've been snacking which is something I usually don't do.

Monday is weigh in day and since I have a new target date (hit my goal weight by my birthday which is 6 weeks from today), I really want to be down a couple of pounds. I really need to finish the week strong with 2 good workouts and better eating than I have been doing. I feel like I've gotten into a little bit of a rut this week. I thought that as I got closer to my goal, I would get more motivated, but the opposite seems to be happening. It's like I'm feeling pretty good about the 20+ pounds I've lost and part of me is getting content where I am. That's not what I want. I do want to feel good about what I've done, but I want to keep whatever it was inside me that one day said "enough is enough" and decided to start this journey.

I've decided to buy some real running shoes and to give running another try (thanks to everyone that told me not to give up after my earlier post this week), so maybe adding that and setting a goal (like running a 5k this spring) will help get some focus back. Any advice from those of you that have hit your goal or are very close? Do you ever feel like you lose some motivation? How do you get it back? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. So happy that you've decided to continue persuing your goal of running. Once you have done it for a couple of weeks, you will come to a point where all of the sudden it is just easier (well this is what happened to me and I'm hoping it's just a normal thing that everyone would experience). I also feel like I've been kind of slacking lately too, but not really with eating, more with exercise! Let's rock this next week, we are both so close to our goal!!

  2. You know, reading your post makes me want to get on my treadmill! I know you asked for advice, but, I want you to know you are an encouragment to me:)Your one smart lady and I'm glad to have found your blog awhile ago.

    Here's to getting your groove back soon-I know it stinks when you're in a rut! I know it's easier to say this..but don't worry -You'll get there. The fact you bough new running shoes shows that you have all the determination you need. YOU WILL GET THERE.. just keep moving & stay mindful of what you're eating.

  3. I totally know what you mean. I'd been getting content with my weight cause I do look good, but it wasn't what I wanted my final weight to be.

    As you know, I changed things up by changing my diet. Granted, I eat the same thing every day, but there is a certain comfort in knowing that there's no guesswork in what I will eat.

    Obviously this probably will not work for maintenance, but it can take me to where I want to be and then as I get more comfortable in the new foods that I'm eating, I can begin to make modifications that are healthy and enjoyable.

    You're doing great. I'm excited for you taking up running.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Well I think it's great that you are still working out. I haven't hit my goal yet, but I've promised myself a really nice gift for when I do. Maybe that will help motivate you? You are so close to your goal so don't give up girl!! You can do it!