Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Progress pictures

I don't actually have progress pictures, but because of the time of year, I happen to have pictures of myself taken at about 1 month intervals since I started this journey. I don't usually post pictures, but I'm going to try it now.

This is me with my dad and my siblings at the end of October (my nephew's 1st birthday party)

This is me with my youngest son at Thanksgiving

And here are a couple of me at Christmas

Every time I see a picture of my family (my husband and sons) it cracks me up because our oldest son looks just like my husband and our youngest looks just like me. I swear we look like the Brady Bunch (with less kids). It looks like one is his and one is mine and we just got together. LOL!


  1. Great pics. That's a good-looking bunch for sure (ummmm, keep that older one away from my daughters pls).

  2. You have a nice family, and it looks like you guys have a lot of fun together.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous family! Your sons are so tall!!! You are looking great - can definitely see a change!

  4. You look great, although dare I say your sweater almost looks to big! I really hope you are not offended by that... You really look fantastic. So happy for you. :)