Monday, January 11, 2010

And Sybil it is

I'm definitely going to rename my scale from Psycho to Sybil. After today's weigh in, I am convinced that it has multiple personalities. According to Sybil, I lost 6.5 pounds this week. I was thrilled to see the number, but I find it suspicious. :) Maybe last Monday I had a false high, like a false positive in medical testing. I've only exercised 3 or 4 days since last Monday and I didn't spend the week starving myself. I did think that I was coming down with something because I didn't have much appetite for a couple days, but I never got sick and although I ate healthier than I would have a few months ago, it wasn't a stellar week, so I really can't explain the huge loss (my biggest ever).

I'm really not complaining because I am thrilled with my weight today. Last week I said I was going to kick the scale's ass today and I guess I did. LOL. Today's weigh in marks another milestone. I've lost over 20 pounds. I'm more than halfway to my goal.

My ankle is feeling fine now, so I hope to spend the week really exercising hard and getting into the weight training. Maybe if I do that and eat well this week, Sybil will be nice to me again next Monday. :)


  1. Well, at least it's Sybil in the right direction, lol!
    Congrats on the loss!

  2. that is AWESOME! I cant believe you are more than halfway to your goal! You are doing so great!

  3. Isn't and Pschyo and Sybil synonymous?

    Congratulations on being half way there!