Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying the weight thing again

I posted a week or two ago about going to the Y and not recognizing the weight machines they have. Of course that is bad for 2 reasons, the first is that it means I haven't worked out in so long that the equipment has changed and the second is that it means I am getting OLD! LOL!

When I was in there yesterday for my cardio (I am so sick of the snow/ice/cold that is preventing me from walking outside), I asked about a program I noticed called Fit Start. One of the directors or trainers will meet with you to design a workout that fits your goals. The flier said they meet with you once a week for an hour to show you different equipment, evaluate your progress, etc. It sounded like getting a mini personal training session once a week for free. Sounded good to me so I signed up to meet with my "coach" today. He asked me about my goals, my experience with weights, etc. and then showed me several of the machines that he wants me to start with. He wrote up my workout and gave me a log sheet to use. Instead of every week, he wants to meet with me after every 5 workouts so he can add new machines (or free weight exercises) to my workout and adjust (increase-LOL) the weight I use for each exercise.

I have to say that this program was exactly what I was looking for. Right now I don't want a personal trainer (my schedule fluctuates too much for that right now), but I did want someone to show me different machines and give me a guide for what to do. I'm looking forward to toning up and getting stronger. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. This does sound like the perfect thing for you. Having someone there to demonstrate and and advise on what to do is huge.

  2. Sounds perfect. I would have loved something like that at the gym I "used" to go to. It was so small and there was virtually no help when I went in the early morning (the gentleman behind the desk was very nice but was physically incapable of showing anybody anything). Anyhoo - good luck and I think you're going to amaze yourself.

  3. Hi - I'm new to your blog. :)
    The mini personal trainer thing sounds great! What a good way to figure things out!

  4. Oh so jealous! Sounds perfect! I really need to look into doing something other than cardio but I don't have a gym membership... I may write a post on this!