Thursday, January 7, 2010

Naming my scale

So I've decided to name my scale Psycho. It apparently has a mind of it's own and it is CRAZY! I could have also named it Sybil because it seems to have multiple personalities.

After being totally stunned on Monday when I had apparently gained 1.5 pounds from last week, I decided to sneak a peek today and see how I was doing. If you read my post on Monday, you will know that I was really surprised. I had been exercising every day and eating pretty well, so I was just shocked that my weight went up. Well today Psycho tells me that I have lost 5 pounds. WHAT??? There is no way I've lost 5 pounds since Monday. I have been eating normally and although I am exercising, the weather and my schedule have made it hard to get the 60 minutes I was trying to get each day. So what gives? I guess I could have just been retaining water or something on Monday. Maybe I ate something high in sodium over the weekend and I just don't remember. Don't get me wrong, I was absolutely thrilled to see that number on the scale, but I don't think it's right.

I guess I will just have to keep doing what I'm doing and wait until Monday for the final verdict. I just have to try and stay away from Psycho until then. :)


  1. Very appropriate name for your scale. Do you feel five pounds lighter?

    My theory on weight loss and gain is that their is a build-up period to the gain or the loss where everything stays the same and then one morning it just decides to give you a big gain or a loss.

    So, for example if I spend four or five days eating like a fool, it may not register till several days later. And, then, if I spend the next several days starving myself, those efforts won't register right away either.

    Who know? It sounds good, though, right?

    And I know, of course, that doesn't even calculate in all the other scenarios that are out there and that have happened.

  2. Mine doesn't have a name, tho I do call it "Whore!" from time to time. ;)

  3. I vote for Sybil! I agree with Sunshine Mama (regarding the weight gain/loss). Congrats on the loss and on you keeping to what you know to do even though you became discouraged with that 1.5 on Monday:)