Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Change in plans already? It's only day 2.

I made a plan Sunday night before I went to bed for what I wanted to do this week as far as my workouts. Each day was based on whether or not I had to take my son to school at 6:00am for his weight lifting. If I do have to take him, I can go to the gym after I drop him off and get my workout done before I have to wake up my youngest son at 7:30ish. If I don't have to take him, I have to wait until they are both gone (around 8:45am) and that means very little time to exercise before I have to get to work. I asked him Sunday what days he had to be there at 6 and he said every day except Wednesday. Great, I can make my plan. So last night hubby tells me that the lifting schedule has changed. Now he is only going Mon, Wed and Fri. UGH! That changes my whole workout schedule. I guess I better come up with a new plan because if I don't, my work schedule will go crazy and I will be sitting at the computer at 10:00pm wondering why I didn't get a chance to exercise that day.

Is it just me or are there times when it is just very hard to make time for yourself when you are a parent? :)


  1. Sometimes life is just crazy and we just got to do what we can. Don't get too overwhelmed, that's the life of a parent. LOL. Good luck in planning your week. :)

  2. This last winter, I found that I was always changing my schedule around at the last minute trying to slip in a run here or a work-out there.

    Like Melissa said, you just have to do your best at being flexible because kids are time consuming.

    Good luck!

  3. It's definitely not just you! It's everyone who is a parent and cares about their children. Your such a great Mom - your kids are blessed!

  4. Hey, there! Do NOT let my push-ups give you a complex. I started with doing "girl" push-ups too. I did girl push-ups for months and months before I even tried doing "big girl" ones. Ha, Ha. If you want to work up to it, just do it slowly there's no rush.

    Just want you to know your doing a great job. Hope you have a great day!