Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Are you sick?"

So there are people in your family that you only see at weddings, funerals and showers, right? I got to see some of them a few weeks ago at my grandfather's funeral. Some of the reactions I got were pretty funny. My brother's girlfriend told me that several people had made comments about my weight loss and at least one wanted to know if I was sick. My grandmother decided that the cemetery was the place to tell me that I was getting too thin (really, she couldn't even wait for us to get back to the church?). My former step-mother confirmed that she had heard people wondering if I was doing some crazy diet but since she is one of my workout buddies, she let them know that I was doing everything in a healthy way - eating less and exercising more.

I did get quite a few nice compliments, but it was hard to enjoy them because there are only so many times you can hear that people think you are anorexic before it ruins your day. LOL! I think a few people were watching me eat at the dinner after the service (seriously). One of my uncles started to say something and I think he could tell that I wasn't in the mood, so he decided to leave it at "You look good, just don't lose any more." HA! HA!

However, I did decide to re-evaluate my goal weight. Even though it is on the high side of what every chart/website says someone my height should weigh, maybe it's too low for me personally. My husband actually told me the other day that he thought I should stop trying to lose more weight and just focus on maintaining and getting toned. I'm not sure yet. I do know that I have to get back to my workout schedule and I need to get focused on the strength training, so I guess that is what I will try to do for at least the next month and see what happens.


  1. WOW! Well, I think that might be better than "your're getting fat!" comments for sure! haha. Good for you. And welcome back, we missed you!

  2. Of course we missed you! I did. I kept looking for you to post.

    I'm shaking my head at those "too skinny" commenters. I've already heard a few people tell me to not lose any more. But your are absolutely right. If you are losing your weight in a healthy manner...then what's really at issue here is that they are just not used to your different look. If people are used to seeing a more rounded face, then when it becomes leaner it appears them. But since evaluation is good...maybe get your fat checked with do you feel? energetic?'s you who has to live with yourself, so that's how I would approach it.